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“The Talbot Fund is a central part of improving student life in Keble. My means tested grant has been very helpful in softening the burden of living costs in Oxford, as well as allowing me the opportunity to make the most of my time at such an incredible place.”

Tom Bioletti (PPE, 2015)

13th highest participation

24 of 56 classmates donated

Your gift could boost student funds by an extra £100,000 this year!

Two alumni donors have pledged an extra £250 for every new regular gift, and  £100 for every new single gift this year. Please help us realise this terrific Challenge Gift (worth up to £100,000) before 31 July!

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• Individual students receive bursaries, scholarships, prizes, hardship and travel grants ensuring an inclusive, diverse and meritocratic student body.

• All students benefit from the added dimension of funding towards a wide range of extra-curricular activities, like access and outreach, music, sports, drama, and Chapel, enhancing the vibrant College community.

• Restoration and refurbishment of the Butterfield buildings means the entire community of students, academics and staff continue to live and work in beautiful surroundings that are both fit for purpose and inspirational.

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What's the Talbot Fund?

Named after the first Warden of Keble, Edward Talbot, the Talbot Fund was launched in 2002 with the objective of asking all Old Members to help shape the College’s future by making a regular, modest contribution to help support the College and its students. Now established as one of the strongest annual funds in the Collegiate University, the Talbot Fund attracts support from all generations of alumni, 28% of whom made a gift in 2015-16. With cash income now at £1 million+ per year the Talbot Fund is the equivalent of a £31 million endowment, hugely important for a College with an actual endowment of £38 million and in which the cost of an undergraduate education is roughly double what we receive from student fees.

How can I make a gift?

Click ‘Give Now’ above to make your pledge which counts for the Challenge Gift. From there you will be able to follow instructions to make your gift online or by post. If you are overseas, you will be directed you to the appropriate ways of making a tax-efficient gift where applicable. As the Challenge ends on 31 July we would be grateful if you can make your gift online.

Why does my gift matter?

It matters greatly because….
• your support will provide immediate help for College and its students in the area you choose. If you don’t choose a specific designation Governing Body will allocate your gift to the area of greatest need.
• your gift joins forces with those of other donors to maximise the funding available for all students.
• your help underpins our work and we could not provide the level of support students individually and collectively receive, nor could we keep on top of the Butterfield restoration work without you
• your gift today will also help us to realise an extra £100,000!

Can my gift go towards something at Keble that matters to me?

Yes, when making a gift you can choose a particular area of College life such as Student Support, Community (Access & Outreach, sports, music, drama, Friends of Chapel, the Keble Association) or towards the restoration of the Butterfield buildings. If there's a specific area you have in mind that you can't find on our online giving page, please email and we'll be happy to help.

How many noughts should my gift have?

That's entirely up to you! For this year's Challenge, more important than size is frequency. If you can donate, say £25 or £50, please do ask yourself if you could you do so even once or twice a year?

What's the Talbot Society?

The Talbot Society recognises and thanks regular donors for the important contribution they make to the life of the College. Regular giving is valuable in several ways; as a reliable income stream which helps College to plan ahead effectively whilst keeping administration and fundraising costs down. Members receive a special Talbot Society brick/pin and event invitations. Over 26% of all Keble alumni are current members of the Society. Just click the 'give now' button above to make a regular gift and we’d be delighted to welcome you too!

I've made a gift - why hasn't the Challenge Gift tally changed?

As soon as you submit your pledge, you will be counted in our donor number tally above. The £ total will only be updated when your gift has been received through our online giving pages. Please note, this will usually involve a short delay but in some cases may take 24-48 hrs depending on the payment option you choose. If you forward the payment confirmation you receive online to us (at this would be much appreciated and will speed up the process. Thank you!